Electric vehicles had their own songs

These three were sung at the annual meeting of the Chicago section of Electric Vehicle Association of America, on May 6, 1913

Send a Truck

(Tune, “Send the Light”)

A call comes ringing from the horse owner’s desk,
Send a truck! Send a truck!
I have ten horses lame, something ails the rest,
Send a truck! Send a truck!
Send a truck, a swift electric truck,
Let it run from store to store.
Send a truck, a clean, convenient truck.
And I’ll soon be buying more.

Soon the salesman called at the horse owner’s desk,
Sold a truck! Sold a truck!

Now his horses no longer cause him distress,
He has a truck! He has a truck!
Now the truck, the swift, electric truck,
Makes its run from store to store,
And this truck, this clean, convenient truck,
Made him buy a dozen more.


In my Garage

(Tune, “In My Harem”)

In my garage, my garage, there’s G. V. Baker, Walker,
And there never was a minute that gasoline was in it;
A load for breakfast, a load for dinner, a load at any time,
A mile of heavy trucking and it only costs a dime.

In my garage, my garage, there’s thin-plate, Edison, Exide,
And the work they do,
Would make you wish that you,
Had talked with the E. V. A.


Song of the Delivery Wagon

(Tune, “Rag Time Soldier Man”)

I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go,
Steady job I’ve got, you see
I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go
I hear the people calling me,
Oh, my motor, hurry up, hurry up,
Get a move on, hurry up, hurry up,
Can’t you see that Mr. Kelly is keeping tab on me?

My battery, my battery,
You better not lay down on me,
If you need a boost, if you need a boost,
Mr. Rudd is near, you see
So we’ll carry the goods through old Chicago,
And when the day is done, to the garage we’ll run
Ready for another day.



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