Achhe Din: The Song India’s Singing

(Set to the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s Better Days)

Woke up at six,
My life in a fix
Down to my last note o’ ten

I slam down the ’larm
Stroke my stubble for a charm
Jog down to the A-T-M


Sigh, six was too late
Long way from the gate
Should-a woke up by four, four-ten

Now the street’s jammed
With a mass o’ broke men
’N’ I feel like a battery hen


Folks move at a crawl
Hope it doesn’t come to a brawl
Then the sky comes down boom-crash!

An hour gone waste,
I’ve got a sour taste
Damn ATM’s outta cash


What’s a man to do?
These days you can’t beg, bor’ o’ steal

Blood’s up but that’s no good
We’ve made a five-year deal



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